We support achieving success through excellence, inclusivity and innovation.

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Project Management

We enable the delivery of project outcomes within organisations requiring professional support. We can provide interim project and programme management, assurance reviews and project recovery.

Capability Development

We enhance the organisational ability to deliver project outcomes. We can provide apprenticeships, bespoke training, coaching and mentoring.

Knowledge Management

We encourage individual, team and industry success through working together, pooling resources and bringing sustainable benefits for everyone.

How we deliver our work


Everyone is expected to work together and to support colleagues in helping them to attain our shared goal of projects managed effectively, professionally and in an ethical manner.

We do this with problem solving, results focus and teamwork


We will create the environment where people can develop their skills and experience within their professional practice. We will reward progress, recognise excellence and retain talent.

We do this with commitment, ethics and leadership


We will lead by example in encouraging a culture which learns it's lessons and supports people to make and be accountable for their decisions. We respect difference, value diversity and aim to provide equal opportunities for all employees.

We do this with professionalism, customer focus and agility

Clients we have worked with

Our valued partners

Tobacco Dock

Tobacco Dock is a Grade One Listed building at the heart of the Historic London Docks. The home for n:gaged since 2015; Tobacco Dock are always welcoming, flexible and responsive to us and our clients

The Mayor's Fund for London

We are signatories to the Mayor's Corporate Commitment and have worked with the Mayor's Fund since 2014 on developing sustainable solutions for young people in London.

Association for Project Management

We are a corporate member of the APM and work to further the ambition, reach and capability of the profession. Recently, we have worked closely on the development of trailblazer standards for apprenticeships.

Social Enterprise

We hold the accredited Social Enterprise Mark and work with the Social Enterprise Mark CIC in promoting the values and benefits of social enterprises.

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